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Section 13. Ballistics and aerodynamics of space vehicles and space control

Section based at the chair "Dynamics and flight control of rockets and spacecraft "of the Special Machine Bilding Department MSTU n.a. Bauman. The chair was founded in September 1941 in the initial period of the Great Patriotic War, entitled «Ballistics». In 1959 it was renamed «Flight Dynamics». In 1963, the chair was allocated from the chair «Aerodynamics». In 1987, both chairs were reunited into one name «Flight Dynamics and Aerodynamics». From 1991 to 2007 , the chair had called «Ballistics and aerodynamics». From 2007 to the present time it is called «Dynamics and control rockets and space vehicles flight».

The chair trains specialists in automatic flight control by manned and unmanned space vehicles, design space systems, space transportation systems, etc.

Graduates of the chair successfully work in scientific and industrial organizations of the aerospace industry.

1. The main scientific directions of the chair are:

 1. Flight control automatic and manned space vehicles ( Scientific School ). The head of this scientific school is Professor V.A. Soloviev.

 2 . External ballistics ammunition barrel systems, flight dynamics of guided and unguided aerial vehicles Scientific School) . Scientific School was organized by Professor A.A. Dmitrievskiy. Currently it is headed by Professor L.N. Lysenko.

 3 . Aerodynamics (Scientific School) . Scientific School was organized by Professor N.F. Krasnov based on the revival of the traditions established by Professor N.E. Zhukovsky, who organized the aerodynamic laboratory at our university in 1909. Currently Professor V.T. Kalugin heads and develops the scientific school.

The chair has offices in TsNIIMash , OKB MEI, cooperates with RSC «Energia», OKB «Sukhoi»a nd other leading organizations in the aerospace industry.

The department collaborates with a number of leading international organizations and institutions in the aerospace industry in different countries: Germany, France, the USA, China. The representative of the Department is a permanent member of the International Program Committee for the section «Astrodynamics» held by the International Astronautical Congress.