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Academic Space Conference XLI dedicated to the memory of Academician Sergey Korolev and prominent Russian space researches


Dear colleagues,

We are honoured to invite you to our Academic Space Conference XLI that will take place from 24 to 27 January 2017 in Moscow, Russia.

We are offering various formats: plenary and panel sessions, roundtable talk with the representatives from research, education, authorities and business, presentations and exhibitions.

The conference will cover the following issues:

·         Scientific heritage of the space research pioneers and the aerospace design schools;

·         Fundamental and specialized issues of space research;

·         Space research solving the social, economic and strategic problems;

·         Space research and the Humanities;

·         History of space research and space engineering.


Organizing committee:


Evgeny A. Mikrin, Academician, the Russian Academy of Science (RAS),



Igor A. Komarov, Director General, State space corporation “Roscosmos”


Viсe chairs:

Victor A. Sadovnichy, Academician, RAS

Igor B. Fedorov, Academician, RAS,

Anatoly A. Alexandrov, Doctor of Engineering;


Academic secretary:

Victoria Mayorova, Doctor of Engineering


Information for the authors

In order to submit your paper for the Conference, you need to provide the following:

1. Abstract reflecting the content, relevance and originality of the paper. The abstract should also contain information about the Conference section, the author’s (authors’) affiliation and contacts.


Abstract style requirements

The abstract in Russian (without figures, formulas or tables), not exceeding one A4 (210x297 mm) page is to be submitted in MS Word format with the following settings:

Margins – 2.5 cm on all four sides;

Interval – single spacing;

Header/ footer – 0 cm/ 2 cm;

Font – Times New Roman, 14 pt.

Line 1: paper title (center justification, capital letters, bold, 14 pt);

Line 2: empty, 14 pt;

Line 3: the author’s (authors’) surname(s) and initials (separated by commas, center justification, bold, italics, 14 pt);

Line 4: affiliation (center justification, bold, italics, 14 pt);

Line 5: emails (one or more), (center justification, italics, 14 pt);

Line 6: empty, 14 pt;

Line 7 and further: new paragraph, the abstract text withot figures, formulas or tables.

Indent – 0.8 cm;

Font size – 14 pt;

Justification – full width;

Hyphenation – allowed;

Citations and references – allowed.


2. Full paper (no less than 6 pages).

Full-text paper must conform to the requirements of the Engineering Journal: Science and Innovation at http://engjournal.ru/publicinfo/.

The paper is to be accompanied by the author's statement form at http://engjournal.ru/uploaded/avt-engj.pdf.

The abstracts serve as a basis to select the papers for the Conference programme. 
The authors will be informed about their papers accepted for the Conference programme by 2 December 2016.

The abstracts will be published prior to the Conference. ISBN, UDС and LBC (library-bibliographic classification) codes will be assigned to the Collection of abstract; it will also be indexed in Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI).

Reviewed full papers will be published in the specialized journals, such as Engineering Journal: Science and Innovation, Humanities Bulletin of Bauman MSTU (both approved by the State commission for academic degrees and titles) and others.

These journals are indexed in Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI). The links to the published papers will be posted on the research e-library website www.elibrary.com.

The published papers will also be included into the Conference Collected works.


Deadline for abstracts: 14 November 2016. The abstracts are to be submitted by email to the section academic secretary (see the list of sections) and the Conference Organizing Committee victoria.mayorova@gmail.com (Victoria Mayorova), and vk.sm3.bmstu@gmail.com (Vsevolod Koryanov)


Deadline for full papers: 30 December 2016. The papers are to be submitted by email to the section academic secretary (see the list of sections) and the Conference Organizing Committee victoria.mayorova@gmail.com (Victoria Mayorova), and vk.sm3.bmstu@gmail.com (Vsevolod Koryanov)


Abstracts and full papers are to be submitted to the appropriate section via email provided:


Section 1: Space exploration pioneers. History of rocket and space engineering

Albert A. Gafarov - kerc@elnet.msk.ru

Lyubov P. Vershinina – vega100@mail.ru

Section 2: Aircraft. Design and construction

Sergey A. Touzikov – st601@mail.ru

Section 3: Pioneers of aerospace propulsion engineering. Theoretical and construction issues of aircraft engines

Dmitry A. Yagodnikov – daj@mx.bmstu.ru

Section 4: Space power engineering and electric propulsion systems. Critical design and quality assurance issues, hi-end technology.

Vladimir V. Kozhevnikov – vladimir.k208@ya.ru;

Section 5: Applied celestial mechanics and motion control.

Mikhail Yu. Ovchinnikov – ovchinni@keldysh.ru;

Section 6: Specialized radio and optoelectronic information technology equipment

Andrei V. Shumov – radiooptics@yandex.ru;

Section 7 Space research development and fundamental issues of gas dynamics, combustion and heat exchange

Natalia V. Guryleva – hydraero@rambler.ru

Section 8: Economics of space activities

Valeria V. Zueva – zuevavv@inbox.ru

Section 9: Space research and the community sustainable development (concepts, challenges, solutions)

Vadim I. Florov – vi-florov@mail.ru

Section 10: Space exploration and the Arts

Nina S. Kirdoda - amcos50@mail.ru

Section 11: Knowledge intensive technologies in the rocket-space engineering (Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center)

Dmitry A. Shkanov – dmi-shkanov@yandex.ru

Section 12: Ground-based infrastructure objects for rocket complexes

Vladimir V. Chugunkov – sm8@sm8.bmstu.ru

Section 13: Ballistics, aerodynamics of aircraft and mission control

Vsevolod V. Koryanov – vkoryanov@mail.ru

Section 14: Aerospace education and youth issues

Victoria I. Mayorova – Victoria.mayorova@gmail.com

Section 15: Combined propulsion plants for hypersonic and aerospace aircraft

Alexander V. Lukovnikov – lukovnikof@mail.ru

Section 16: Space activities contributions to the national economy

Mikhail A. Luk’yaschenko – lma@rekod.ru

Section 17: Spacecraft and complexes control systems

Alexei V. Fomichev – korolev17@mail.ru

Section 18: Automatic spacecraft for planetary and astrophysical research. Design, construction, testing and calculation (Lavochkin Research and Production Association)

Alexander A. Shakhanov– shakhanov@laspace.ru

Section 19: Rocket and space structures manufacturing

Pavel V. Kruglov – cm12@sm.bmstu.ru

Section 20: Space life sciences (The Institute of Medical Biological Problems)

Irina V. Ogneva – iogneva@yandex.ru

Section 21: Space navigation and robotics.

Vladimir V. Kozlov – vkozlov1951@gmail.com

Section 22: Rocket complexes and rocket-space systems. Design, experimental development, in-flight testing, operation (JSC “Military-industrial corporation NPO Mashinostroyenia”)

Leonid S. Tochilov – tochilov@vpk.npomash.ru


The aurhors and the Organizing Committee can communicate with the organizers

• via email, using the addresses given by the authors in the abstracts;

You and your colleagues are welcome to participate in our Conference